French Roulette Strategy Hints and Tips

Those who enjoy playing French roulette online will be pleased to know that there are many strategies that they can employ during play to increase their payouts, assuring the fact that they see more money more often whenever they visit the virtual table. Unlike many other casino games, this variation is not based purely on luck, and players’ skills and understanding of the game go a long way towards play being more successful.

Why Players Choose French Roulette

French roulette is a very popular online casino game that has an incredibly low house-edge, only 1.35%. The wheel that the game employs is a standard one, but there is only one zero for players to factor in. This is coloured green, and players may also bet on it if they wish to.

Additional Rules for French Roulette

The first of the two possible additional rules for playing French roulette is known as La Partage, the second En Prison. Players who have placed even money bets when a zero is spun will have half the value of these wagers returned the them with the La Partage rule; the En Prison rule has all the even money bets staying on the table for the next spin when a zero spins in.

Responsible players are well aware that the outcomes for French roulette, like any game of chance, are completely arbitrary, although subject to some level of skill, and never play with a bankroll larger than they can reasonably afford to lose. The most general tip for play roulette online is to keep wagers at lower stakes, in order to prolong the enjoyment of the game and avert the disaster a losing streak could wreak in the event of an overly inflated bet on an outcome. The placing of even money bets guarantees the lowest house edge, and there are many bonuses and promotions available online that can boost players’ bankrolls very significantly, too, and these should be a priority for players to investigate whenever they wish to play.

Bet Types for French Roulette

The betting options for French roulette are, understandably, written in French, and players will need to have an understanding of the terms in order to most effectively play. The manqué bet covers the numbers from one to 18; the passé those of 19 to 36. Rouge bets cover all the red numbers; noir bets all the black, and the premier douzaine, or first dozen, covers numbers one through 12.   The moyenne douzaine is the second group of twelve numbers, 13 to 24; the dernière the third, numbers 25 to 36.

There are many places at which people are able to enjoy playing French roulette online, but care must be taken that the online casinos selected comply with all the licensing and registration requirements for the country they are operating within. Casino and game reviews online will be able to help players ensure that they are keeping their sensitive personal and financial information out of harm’s way when playing this great game, and allow them to focus on beating the house, rather than stressing out about their information being made viewable to less than scrupulous users.