Plentiful Online Casinos in Argentina

Casino gambling is a legal, popular pastime in many parts of the world, and Argentina is no exception. The country has long been host to a number of land-based casinos, but the proliferation of online casinos over the past 20 years has also been adopted enthusiastically by Argentinians. With an estimated 20 million Internet users in 2014 (the highest Internet penetration in South America), the popularity of online casinos in Argentina is not surprising. In fact, Argentina also boasts the largest number of online casinos in the region, with 80 operating sites featuring 12,318 slot machines alone.

Whichever games Argentinian punters prefer, whether they be cards, dice, slots, roulette or bingo, they can be found in online casinos in Argentina. Most games are available in several versions, each coded specifically for optimal play on designated software platforms and computer devices. Some can be downloaded as apps, while others are played directly on online casino sites via the device’s Internet browser. State-of-the-art graphics and sound cards help deliver an authentic land-based casino “feel” to these games, with the added benefit that they can be played anywhere, anytime via mobile casino sites.

Foreign Sites Not Allowed

Although gambling is not illegal in Argentina and online casinos are just as available as land-based operations, there is one complication: Argentinians are not allowed to play at foreign-based online casinos in Argentina.

This is a measure introduced by authorities to protect the local industry, as well as to prevent local gambling tax revenues being lost to globalisation. Still, with 80 local sites to choose from, this is hardly a hindrance to the keen Argentinian casino fan. The first online casino in Argentina licensed by the government was Casino Sur, opened in 2002. It was followed by steady growth in the sector, particularly after 2006, until the industry reached its current size. Experts believe it will continue to expand, as the Argentinian fondness for games of chance shows no sign of abating.

Finding the Best Online Casinos in Argentina

One of the perks of online casinos is the large number of options on offer. Most real-money online casinos have free casino pages attached to their sites, at which punters can try out games for no money down, betting and winning credits only. These free casinos are a handy way to try out several different casinos and lots of different games, before a player commits to a site that they like enough to play at for real money.

There are also a good many review sites that cover Casinos online Argentina and all over the world. Not only do reviewers on these sites rank the best online casinos in terms of their pay-out percentages, the variety of games they offer, the promptness with which they pay out winnings and their general customer service, but they also provide useful warnings against sites that feature rigged or fraudulent games, or those that have been reported by players for late payments or poor customer service.

A few minutes research online will identify the online casinos in Argentina best suited to a player’s individual preferences.