A Simple Guide To Free Bets For Players Online

In recent years, punters have found themselves spoilt for choice when wanting to place a bet. Establishments that offer these services usually incentivise bettors to try them out by supplying Free Bets so that they can sample the professionalism and hospitality of such generous service providers.

The premise is a simple one. A punter accepts an offer and doesn’t have to pay in at all. The stake is taken care of by the house and winnings that exceed the stake are paid out to the lucky punter. This is a great commercial tool and allows customers to get a feel for the service provider before having to put up his or her own capital.


While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Free Bets there are exceptions to the above outlined scenario. While Free Bets are an excellent way to gain new clientele for enterprising service providers, they are also an excellent way to reward faithful customers.

Many people have related stories of how Free Bets are randomly awarded to them while using a certain online service provider. It is a great way for these businesses to say thank you to loyal clients and what better way than with a complimentary wager!


As stated previously, there are no set rules for awarding Free Bets. Some promotional deals are ‘free to use’ in that the punter may use the free bet on any horse racing tips NZ during the time of their choosing. Some promotional online betting NZ sites offering free bets are only for specific matches or for a specific calendar event and as such must be used or forfeited.

Other times punters may find that their free bet is limited to a specific sport or format of a sport, but with nothing to lose these Free Bets very seldom go unused.

Types Of Free Bets

Sometimes a specific event will ‘unlock’ rewards for punters. This is a great way to spread awareness of series or a tournament and can really help with the odds and spread of an event.

In other cases, bookies may see fit to credit a punters account with Free Bets after their first wager is placed on an event, sort of like a welcoming gift.

There are also situations where a bookie will send a free voucher with Free Bets as part of the reward. Other times a provider will match your deposit with a reward to the value of your transaction.

Choosing When To Use Your Free Bets

As Free Bets are sometimes of a promotional nature there is absolutely no expectation for the punter to partake in such an offer. Bettors are welcome to decline, deactivate or defer a Free Bet if they so choose. Some can be saved for a rainy day while others are offered on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis.

But fear not, your terms and conditions clearly state what each circumstance dictates, and if ever you are uncertain then your service provider’s technical support is always at hand to assist and advise you.