We Explore The Future of Smartwatches & Casino Gaming

One of the most noticeable buzzwords floating around the tech world over the past few years has been wearable technology, from the Apple watch and Samsung Gear to more affordable options such as Pebble’s wearable devices.

With an increase in demand for wearable devices, the online casino industry has jumped at the idea of another platform to engage with current and potential clients, and rightfully so.

Smartwatches on the Rise

There is no doubt that the industry has evolved, in spite of the fact that many people were reluctant to buy smartwatches at first due to unattractive designs. Today, it is estimated that the sales for 2017 will reach 70 million units (up from just 7 million in 2014).

Apple’s integration is essentially what helped with boost, and simply due to the fact that their flattering designs allowed for individuals to take an interest and other developers to follow suit in design. This, along with a slew of improvements that have ultimately increased the device’s capability have contributed to its popularity.

Pull and Swipe

Due to the screen’s limitations in size, the touch and swipe functionality needed an upgrade but has since has drawn the attention of the iGaming sector, which is based primarily on bringing the thrill of a casino to a player’s fingertips.

When the internet started to gain some popularity in the late 90s, casino operators were ahead of the game. When the revolution of the smartphone began, online casino operators developed software that allowed players to gamble on the go.

Now, as smartwatches begin to increase in popularity, leading companies in the industry have started their mission to dominate this market too, so you can enjoy slots, blackjack and the best online roulette Australia has on offer these days.

The Future at a Single Touch

In spite of the fact that the swipe and pull system does not work for every single game, there is still plenty of options for gamers on the go and a lot to look forward to in the future.

For example, smartwatch technology has actually made it possible to turn skin into a touch screen. What’s more, the future is said to hold the ability to be able to touch our own hand to control the smartwatch, according to the Carnegie Mellon University‚Äôs Future Interfaces Group.

In fact, the university has already released the technology, where a ring with sensors inside is used, as well as a compatible watch. When the individual wearing the watch moves their arm, the ring gets messages from electrodes in the watch, which ultimately gives the screen’s pointer the ability to triangulate where the person’s fingers are.

The Bottom Line

In spite of the above-mentioned concept still being in its initial stages, it may very well solve the space issues with regards to smartwatch casino gaming.

Essentially, smartwatches are only expected to improve and the future of mobile technology is forever bright. With online casinos so highly involved in this in mobile technology, it is clear that the future of casinos could very well lie in smartwatches.